Students using Minecraft

MinecraftEdu – how a small Finnish company brought Minecraft to schools

Edugameshub spoke to Santeri Koivisto, CEO of TeacherGaming, the company behind MinecraftEdu and new game KerbalEdu. We asked Santeri how he decided to make Minecraft more accessible to educators, and where he plans to take his company next. Why did you decide to set up Teacher Gaming? I have a Masters in Education and a background in teaching. In 2010 I […]

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The Fun to Save game

Playability – bringing the fun factor to educational games

This is a guest post by Amber Stevens of d2 Digital, a Manchester-based digital agency set up by two former teachers, which specialises in educational games. Founded by former teachers; d2 has over the last 19 years worked extensively on developing online educational resources. Driven by the impact digital technology can have on the learning […]

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