Things you should know about kitchen utensils


Kitchen is an important part in a house, so you should be careful in choosing kitchen utensils for your kitchen.

1. Microwave

  • Cooking by microwave is increasingly popular in families.
  • Do you know how different is the traditional methods of cooking from cooking in the microwave? When we use fire, coal or gas for cooking food, they make food cooked slowly and protein are decomposed into amino acids, which let us easily digestible peptide.
  • However, if we cook in long time, foods will be burned, which create many toxins.
    • For cooking in the microwave, microwave radiation make food cooked quickly in a few minutes.
    • Scientists have warned that with this rapid warming foods will be decomposed into easily digestible substances and it can generate some foreign substances depleting the immune system.
  • Moreover, contrary to conventional cooking rules, microwaves do not heat all parts of food. As the result, this will lead to food cannot be cooked every spot and make it impossible to kill all the bacteria that exist in food because they will exist in the uncooked spots.

It has been confirmed microwaves will generate very little harm to our health if the food before being putted in microwave must be processed normally. Best microwave should only be used when it actually necessary to reheat food.

2. Gas from gas stoves


  • The experts have confirmed that gas from gas stove is very harmful for your health, especially the lungs.
  • Scientists at two universities in Scotland have collected samples of PM10 that are particles of pollution generated from gas stoves and lead us through the culture medium the cells are often found on the surface of the lungs. The result is that cells become inflamed. On the human body, this phenomenon often lead to narrow the airways and prevent the patient from breathing normally. The reason here is that when being burned, it will produce more nitrogen dioxide, which can reduce the ability to breathe and worsen the condition of people with lung disease.

To deal with problem, you please always keep your home, especially your kitchen being airy and should enhance the air exchange with the outside. The negative impact of the gas can only cause serious consequences if when it often impact on your lungs.

3. Ware and plastic dish

  • Many kinds of goods such as bowls, plates, bowls, cups used in the kitchen are made of two kinds of porcelain and plastic. With porcelain enamel, in the market today, there are many types of inferior, porcelain dishes. In these products, they contain a certain amount of lead that is harmful to health. Especially, some experiments have showed that the more colorful patterns are porcelain painted as, the greater dose the lead exist. The reason tis that pattern is pasted or painted enamel baked at a low temperature to keep the color fresh, so it cannot eliminate all lead toxins in porcelain.
  • These effects are more pronounced when low quality porcelain is used for packaging hot food, yogurt and fruit juices, for the temperature and acidity will make toxins in pattern released faster. In term of plastic, the plastic pantries are also harmful to health. Plastic ones with poor quality can cause to poisoning food and depression and cancer for users.

When choosing containers for dishes for the kitchen, you do not hesitate to choose high quality products. Since these utensils will directly expose with your food. You should not use pickles in plastic or porcelain. It is better for you to put food in glass vials to prevent acid in food from enhancing the process of contamination from utensils to food.

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