How do you know about kitchen utensils?


In modern life, people have tendency of being busy in their work. In other words, we spend too much time on working at office, nearly 8 hour or more, so we have less time to care about small things but important that we do not concern in right way. One of those things is cooking work which we should pay more certain attention to. Have you ever asked yourself that what do I know about kitchen utensils? Most of the answers here is “nothing”. Thus, this article will give you more information about that problem as well as help you do your kitchen work well. Here are some fundamental utensils and their harmful side you need to know carefully:

1. Non-stick pan

As we know, non-stick pans are more popular used in the kitchen of each family, but some resent researches have showed that: using non-stick pans in long time can be harmful to our health, even cause some serious diseases for users.
resistant paint. Because it is a kind of paint, when cooking at high temperatures, the coating will generate toxic smoke containing PTFE, PFOA, CCl 3.

These toxic substances are believed to be harmful for the health of human if we use them regularly, for example chest tightness, shortness of breath and so on. For the true nonstick pans, although there is no warning about this issue or banning on using, experts have claimed that the Teflon substance that is contained in this kind of pan.

They also discovered compounds PFOA is one of the ingredients in the manufacturing Teflon, which likely be a carcinogen for humans. At high temperatures from 300-400 degrees C, this material can also create toxic substance that are no less harmful for the lungs.

To avoid the bad consequence from using it, user, fortunately, user can completely eliminate the bad results by a few small good habits in cooking. When cooking by non-stick pan, you should not let the temperature is too high, or do not put pots on fire too long without having food on it. Besides, you need to stop using non-stick pans that are flaking stick cover.

2. Aluminum pots

For this kind of pot, with the advantage of good thermal conductivity and low price, aluminum pot has used common in many kitchens. Like the non-stick pan, however, if we using aluminum pots for a long time, it can harm to our family’s health.

Scientists have asserted that we should not cook salty foods which require much salt, sauce, vinegar because when cooking they will produce aluminum-salt, a toxic substance for the human body. Especially, aluminum pots are manufactured from aluminum scrap which are not handled all impurities and if they infect in food, it will be harmful to our health. The current research results have shown that when the body is infected with high aluminum, it can reduce red blood cell, as well as the calcium and phosphorus will be lost in bone.

The good news in here is that only with acidic, salt, sour foods, the surface aluminum pots easily release aluminum ions into the food. Thus, you just need to avoid these foods when using aluminum pots to cook, which can prevent most of the risks from aluminum pots.

From these information, you can learn some lessons in choosing kitchen utensils. Moreover, you can guarantee your family’s member’s health.

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