How to renew your bathroom and make it look adorable


Although bathroom is only a small part in the whole house, it is an essential element to make your house perfect. Bathroom is not less important than kitchen, living room and bedroom. Clearly, it is the most wonderful place to relax after a hard working day. For example, in summer we can immerse in cool water and relax under the hot weather, while in winter warm water will help us enjoy our life in bathtub. What could be better than that? Bathroom is the paradise in the earth, so you should take care of them more! Let’s learn how to decorate it and here are some suggestions:


You feel so boring with monotonous bathroom that has only one painting color, so you should make your bathroom become more colorful by painting multicolor for bathroom’s walls. For example, painting stripe colors (black-yellow-white or blue-green-grey) will bring to your bathroom a lot fresh air, but you should avoid paint seven colors as a rainbow because it will cause feeling dizziness for eyebrow.

The exquisite combination between these colors does not cause bad influences for the eyes. Items of white porcelain tiles added for bathrooms also help it become brighter.


In the bathroom, the combination of ton-sur-ton between bathroom floor and wall bricks that have the same style will create a vignette effect for the room, which helps reduce the monotony of white. The classic design without modern pattern also create a special style for bathroom-an extremely elegant style. It is not a bad idea, right?


For this issue, you are suggested that you select the dark wallpaper, especially if your bathroom is small. For example, bathrooms with red wallpaper could make it more romantic as well as create the depth. Moreover, the wallpaper is very easy to change. You can choose the color according to the season or change at any time you want. It is simple but its effect is quite high, isn’t it?

The scarves, carpets

Like wallpaper, using scarves and carpets is an extremely simple way to decorate for the bathroom. And, it is very easy to change every day or every week if you feel boring. You just need purchase all kinds of towels with diverse motifs, especially with the kind of small, eye-catching motifs, and changes them every day, so your bathroom has changed with new face.


If the white bathtub is no longer your favorite one, then you change the bathtub with different colors. You can also choose to change the style of your tub, but it can cost more expensive…

Art Paintings

May you think just living room or bedrooms need to hang art paintings, and bathrooms does not need. Let’s hang a picture in your bathroom, which will help your bathroom space become “art”. If your fear your art painting will be quickly damaged by moisture in bathroom, you should put it in glasses frame, the glasses frame will protect your painting but does not reduce the beauty of the painting.


Adding a chair in the bathroom can create a cozy point. A purple couch, or an origin chair, even a classic Persian carpet, walls with Roman-style will create an elegant space in your bathroom, but your room has to be large.


The easiest way to animate the main bathroom is light. The lamp’s legs are painted by red will be outstanding on the wall with blue tone. Light from the lamp will make the bathroom become warm and more fanciful. This also brings the classic style for the bathroom. Why do not you try?


Instead of choosing to raw wood with simple color, or painted white color as other general ones, you should choose suitable color tones for it. This way will also create the effect or the bathroom.

Wall brick

With an entire bathroom painted white along with white utensils such as sink, shelves, shower, door and so on, to make highlight for the room, we can use blue patterned wall tiles for bathrooms, and combine with wood floors. For example, the combination between green and white is the perfect choice. It is clear that this color tone-gentle style bring to us a feeling of standing on a beach.


 If you do not want to change the color for the bathroom, then you can add colorful accessories, which will be a good way to help lighten the bathroom space. You should not keep the wall color if you want choose the decorations that do not fit with the color of wall brick at all. For example, in the bathroom, you can combine old lamps, vases or containers napkin that have ton-sur-ton color with the gray patterned wallpaper. This vintage style creates unique effect for the bathroom.


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