Have you have a modern kitchen in your home?


An indispensable part in each house is the kitchen. From the past to the moment, the kitchen always plays a very important role in the house. This is a place for our lovers such as grands, parents and of course including us to cook the delicious dish together with the infinite love. Have you ever thought to recreate the unforgettable taste of the familiar dishes which turn you back to childhood, but you do not have enough time to implement? To do that, modern utensils will help you carry out. Now, you just need to purchase them such as cooker, microware, oven, electric pressure cooker (you can refer via electric pressure cooker reviews in here). In this article, we will give some tips for kitchen appliances, which could turn you into a professional chef whether are you beginner or just amateurs.

  • Microwave

If you do not withstand when being in the high temperature places with smoke, dust and grease, especially while cooking, owning a microwave is the best choice. Unlike traditional methods, the microwave would be a useful device which can open up a new chance for you. Microwave help your cook quickly, for example you can warm, cook, defrost, or bake free dishes without gas leak that could cause hazard incidence. However, there is an arising question: How to select a right microwave?

If you only use microwave to defrost, reheat or cook some normal foods, a mechanical one can make your quite satisfied. If you are a single person or have a small family, a microwave with 20L capacity is enough to serve your needs.

If you want to experience with a lot of different dishes or desire to innovate your family’s daily menu, an electric microwave with more modern features included has ability to customize the temperature, so your cooking process will certainly not disappointed. In case your family have from 4 to 5 members, you should choose a microwave from 25-30L.

If you like to barbecue or have passion for baking, a modern microwave with grilling function is an ideal device for your kitchen.

  • Blender

From the ordinary housewife to professional chefs, I am sure that there is no one who would not need a blender in the kitchen. A smoothie nutritional vitamin supplements will help feel healthier after a routine. If you do not have time, you just put everything that you need to spice in a blender, then press the button. And after a few seconds there is a delicious dish. Blender does a lot of useful work, and also help you shorten chores to take care of others. It’s hard to imagine that you will be very busy if your kitchen lacks a blender.

There are a few things that you need to pay attention when purchasing a blender. That is the lifespan of the machine. When aiming a blender, you also need to ensure that the machine’s motor has protecting function as overloading so that the machine can be used more efficient.

A blender with 200-300W will be enough to grind, to mix soft foods. In case, you want to grind large amounts of hard, thick materials, you should choose a machine with greater capacity from 500-700W.

Finally, the most important parts of the blender is the millstone. A good blender must meet three conditions: glass grinder glass, breakage resistant plastic and sharp, stainless steel blades as well as safe locking system, which will prevent spoilage, pouring surface or unwanted accidents.

  • Versatile pressed mixer

You need an invaluable utensil in the kitchen that can do all the work but still highly effective. A versatile pressed mixer will be the reliable choice for you. From grinding, crushing, shredding, mixing, pressing and so on, this kind of machine can carry out in a short time. It can shorten the preparation for a meal, so you ample time to do something else.

So what does a good versatile mixer have?

It is suggested that you should choose one with many accessories such as many mills or containers, which will help you to grind, mix different types of food at the same time without spending a lot time to clean.

If you want to choose a multifunction blender with chopper function, so you can choose high-capacity one with dual stainless blade.

  • Electromagnetic stove

Recently, gas’s price has been rising, so the more you use, the more burden on the living cost you have to pay. A cooker would be a bad choice in your kitchen, then. The electromagnetic stove has been designed with a compact shape, does not occupy much space, has high flexibility that can be moved and used many places as well. Moreover, it could cook fast with lower power consumption and easily to use with convenient features like automatic controlling timer. But there are a few points you should keep in mind when using this cooker:

First, the only utensils have electrical conductivity such as stainless steel pot, aluminum pot, iron castings are used with it. Kitchen utensils made from ceramic, aluminum, copper, glass are inappropriate to use with electromagnetic cooker.

Second, the electric stove does not really stop working when you pick the pot up, so if you do not use it to cook anymore, please turn the kitchen stove off to save energy.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy. Good luck!

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