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The bathroom is a small room but very important in every family. This room has a lot of things need to be stored and certainly they should be classified as appropriate for additional space. There are many people think that bathroom likes “a warehouse” of a house because it is a place where store fixtures, from shampoos, shower gels, razors to hair combs … However, this is also where is used the most frequently every day. Therefore, it is necessary to make bathroom’s space airy, tidy, neat in order to create comfortable feeling when stepping into it.

This article will give you some useful advice to make your bathroom become more convenient, more comfortable.

For small one:

  1. Add a small shelf above the sink in order to put the items that you often use. Bathrooms will become more organized and you can also easily find the necessary items when you need.
  2. Do not ignore the gaps in the wall. You can arrange all kinds of toiletries to versatile shelf to limit clutter. You also make use of the space above the toilet.
  3. If your bathroom does not have too much space for cloths such as towels, washcloths, and so on but do not worry. You can solve this problem by fitting a towel bar behind doors.
  4. It is suggested that you install a shelf above the bathroom door to increase the storage space for holding items are not frequently used.
  5. Take advantage of a clever hook for take-dryer, cotton bath as well as other bathroom furniture.
  6. Add a few shelves for store some miscellaneous items and junk. It will help you manage everything in the bathroom scientifically and orderly.
  7. If you do not like the shelves, you can also use the folding cupboard to store things.
  8. Do not waste the corner below sink. The space under the sink is small but should not waste. You can completely turn it into the storage of cleaning products or toilet paper handy. You can put some beautiful baskets or mobile cabinets in there as well. It not only helps you to get more space to store some small things, but also increase the aesthetics of the bathroom. So do not miss the space under the sink in the bathroom
  9. If you take advantage of the narrow gaps in bathroom to put the mini shelf, your tiny bathroom will be spacious and tidy.

If you can apply skillfully these suggestions above, your small bathroom will certainly not be your concern anymore.

Some other tips below are also good ideas to have a perfect bathroom as your desire

Make use of old furniture with innovative ideas

Using glass containers for holding toothbrushes and toothpaste, floss … in the bathroom does not consuming space. This way is also very convenient for every member of the family to take their personal belongings neatly without confusion. Each member of the family should have a separate jar to hold toothpaste and toothbrushes.

PVC pipes can also turn into a storage to hold dryers, straighteners, curling … in your way. It is extremely interesting, right? In fact, this is a simple way which is very useful and easy to do.

Utilities hanging baskets

The baskets will be extremely useful (for pretty small space) in keeping the bathroom tidy. For example, toilet papers you can put them in hanging baskets placed on a shelf or put them directly on wall holds where are really dry and easily accessible. Similarly, you can use baskets to hold towels handy and neatly next to the tub. Thus, the clean towel is always right at your fingertips.

Items such as toothpaste, cleansers, hair combs … will be less messy any more if you put them in a small bucket and hook on the wall. Thus, there is no need for bathroom cabinets that are bulky.

The shelves are indispensable in every family to have neat bathroom.

For the necessary utensils for washing such as soap, fabric softener, brush and so on instead of putting them on the table or on the ground, you arrange them neatly in a long hanging shelves, this can make your bathroom look tidier. So you and your family can enjoy the ideal space in the bathroom

Take advantage all blank space in bathroom.

In the tiny room, the furniture which are layout in logical and intelligent ways will allow you to take advantage of all the space. For example, using thin magnet to hold small items such as tweezers animals, small scissors, hairpin… Things should be placed near the mirror and the sink, which is very convenient for you to use.

Thanks for reading and hope you can get a dream bathroom and enjoy your life.

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