Welding helmet: a necessary accessory for welding technique


In the course of technical work, welding is quite complicated and skillful. The access to fire lighting when welding requires the workers to know how to protect themselves over working. In general, the use of a welding helmet is useful for protection and adding of more comfort leading to the higher quality in welding and keep workers safety.

However, selection of the best welding helmet can cause some difficulties for workers if they do not have sufficient knowledge on this item. The following is going to introduce some important points deciding the best purchase deal as well as some tips for selection.

The lens of the welding helmet

The lens is the important component of the welding helmet, therefore, when it comes to purchasing the welding helmet you should first consider which types of lens which is suitable for you. There are 2 types of helmets: auto and standard welding helmets. A lens is made of dark glass installed in front of the helmet working as the protection screen before the eyes of workers when welding. The lens is normally coated with ultraviolet and infrared for eye protection. A standard is often cheaper than the auto welding helmet perhaps because the standard welding helmet is rather hard in adjusting the position of the torch when the welding starts, particularly for new users. In order to flip the helmet, a standard welding helmet will need large space so in limited space it is quite difficult. Some reviews have been reported that they feel their neck uncomfortable when using the standard with helmet flipping up and down over welding.

On the other hand, an auto welding helmet is superior. An auto welding helmet is able to adjust attached features thanks to its electric lens.

The shade of the welding helmet

There are 2 types of shade for welding. They are fixed and variable shade. A fixed shade will be in line with a welding of the same kinds of material with the similar characteristics in thickness, internal components and so on. Most of the standard and auto welding helmet are under the fixed shade. Nevertheless, workers will need to weld various types of materials with different features therefore; the variable shade is more preferred.

The switching pace of the lens

The switching pace of the lens is the ability of the lens to switch from the mode of natural light to the darker light when workers start welding. It is better if the users’ eye can be shaded quickly otherwise the eyes will feel frustrating.

Power and battery

An auto welding helmets is manufactured with an interior and fixed battery. This kind of helmet will require user to charge the welding helmet before use, especially the one which is supplemented with the solar system. In case the battery run out of then the lens will not work. It is more advised if you can purchase the welding helmet with adjustable battery.

The weight of the helmet

The lighter the helmet is, the more comfortable users can feel to their neck and face during working. A difference around 1 or 2 lb in welding helmet weight can be clearly taken. It can be a hard burden for users in case of working during a day. Some said that they can stand with a heavy helmet but gradually their neck will be hurt and it will indirectly result in the low quality of the work for welding of the workers. Thus, a average weight of the welding helmet is suggested, especially it must match with the users’ capacity.

Safety regulations

Each welding helmet will carry on itself safety regulation which is the abeyance of the manufacturers to the related regulations on safety of use. This standard coefficient for safety is able to show the number of switching pace, level of darkness of the shade, some special features and so on. Therefore, when selecting the welding helmet, users should make sure that the to-be-bought welding helmet must meet all the safety standards. It is the most important factor. Do not rely so much on the advertisement of the manufactures as they are the only ones who know exactly what they are making and in some cases, no one can prevent them from producing the lower quality products compared to what they are offering.

It is not easy at all to choose the right welding helmet if you have no ideas. You can start by looking for some online reviews of the products, then consulting someone who have good knowledge on the field. The actually selection should be done when you are fully aware of all the characteristics and features of the products as well as making sure that the chore you are going to do is the match with the welding helmet that you intend to buy.

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