Meat grinder: an effective kitchen appliance for grinding meals


To serve various kinds of food, several types of kitchen appliance will be designed. A delicious roasted meat balls are prepared through the thoroughly grinding meat with seasonal favor. When it comes to this, a meat grinder is shown up. Home cooks are using meat grinder for grinding ingredients for meals such as meat, beef and chicken.

It does not mean that all home cooks should equip their kitchen with a meat grinder. According to some meat grinder reviews, a meat grinder is useful for anyone who has to grind meat frequently otherwise home cook can cut the meat in piece and repeat it until they get the perfection for grinded meat.

How a meat grinder benefits users?

A meat grinder, first of all, is good at producing clean and fresh grinding meat as you can control all the process of grinding meat, i.e. you can know the source of the meat before it is grinded. In the market, there are 3 types of meat grinders which are popular, particularly:

– Manual meat grinder: It is the grinder operated by hand of the users; therefore, it is suitable for grinding a certain amount of meat rather than a large amount. Users have to use strength of hands to grind the machine so it is not convenient for ones who have to grind meat so often. As the manual meat grinder is handle thus it does not provide a firm base when grinding meaning slippery can occur. As a result, there are some models of the manual meat grinder through which the metal base will be attached working as the counter to make the grinder more stable for grinding.

– Meat grinder attachment: It is one kind of mixed food grinder then it can grind other things rather than meat only. In the course of price, it is more expensive as it is used the monitoring system to operate

– Standalone meat grinder: It is the most modern types of meat grinder and operated by electricity. Hence, frequent meat grinding home cooks prefer this the most. It fits to grind the large amount of ingredients. It is also the most expensive.

Some features of the meat grinders

Stuffer for sausage:

Many people use a meat grinder to make sausage so it is clear that the sausage stuffer is essential for them. A sausage stuffer is the tool attached for filling grinded ingredients for making sausage. All three types of meat grinder have this attachment.

The size of the meat grinder:

A normal manual meat grinder is rather larger compared to meat grinder attachment. A standalone meat grinder can be even larger therefore selection of the right one should pay attention to the kitchen counter which can be able to accommodate the size of the meat grinder.

Reserve function:

This function is very important for the meat grinder in case of meat jam. During the grinding, the jam can happen so often therefore the automatic reserve function is required to remove jam without having to do it manually.

The plates:

The plates are of utmost importance for meat grinding. There are ranges of sizes of plates from ¼ or ½ inch holes. Each size of plate will be designed for particular purpose of grinding ingredient. Users must be aware of that to avoid any case of misuse leading to injuries and machine out of order.


A meat grinder, especially the meat grinder attachment, is able to grind other ingredients rather than meat only. In the market, there are some multi-functional meat grinders which can be used for making pasta or mincing food.


Normally, a meat grinder can be dish-washed for convenience and comfort. In addition, some can be hand-washed only. Moreover, a meat grinder is very easy to re-assemble after cleaning.


A durable meat grinder regardless of the types must be made of strong and hard material, plastic can be fine but stainless steel anyway is better, particularly for the plate and the blade.

Overall, a meat grinder will not be useful for anyone who do not have the need for grinding meat but if it is, it will turn out to be a pretty effective and prominent kitchen appliance.

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