Nowadays, people tend to furnish their house with full of modern tools, devices and machines. From cooking, painting or outsourcing, they have dedicated tools to support. In this article, we will introduce to you one type of household tool to help you outsource skillfully – a router table. This machine is very common but not all users can use it properly and can avoid unexpected wound. This leads to this article writing about how to use the router table safely.

  1. Related information

A router table always goes with a saw blade. The Best Router Table will give you the equivalent saw blade. This set is used for cutting types of materials such as wood and metal to create flexible shapes.

While people are using the set of router table and saw blade, there are a lot of accidents which make them worry. The number of people choosing to buy router tables is also reduced because of that. However, to avoid such accidents, we will give you some tips and notes as bellows.

  1. Causes to wounds when you use the router table set

At first, it is your responsibility to understand the causes of the accidents. There are some main reasons for unsafe operation.

  • Some parts of the set are always moving so you can hardly avoid being wounded if you are careless. For example, when you operate the saw, the saw blade is always circling and if your fingers are near the saw blade, it is very easy to cut your fingers.
  • Another cause to wounds is the fragments of materials shooting directly to your skin so your skin is damaged.
  • Electric shock. Electric shock is due to power leaking.
  • Infected with poisons. When you process materials like wood and metal, the wood may be industrial wood that contains a lot of poisons. Thus, when you cut it, you have to suffer from its smell and some toxic fragments, which results in dangerous diseases related to respiratory system.
  • Industrial dust. It is similar to the cause mentioned right above.

  1. Notes for using the router table set

Only users that are trained about methods to operate the router table set safely can work with this machine in a safe way. Why? It is because they follow these rules seriously.

  • Have regular warranty in order to insure the quality and safe operation of the router table set. Sometimes, when your machine has problems, you ought to bring it immediately to the warranty center to receive free services in your favor.
  • Before you make a decision to buy a router table set, you have to consult in some prestigious brands, including warranty services and warranty extra fees. This will help you to protect your item when it goes wrong.
  • The router table set should consist of full of safe parts and have proper installation. It must have a power button placed in a favorable position so that users can turn on and off the machine anytime.
  • There is a ban on using disqualified saw blade to avoid the case that leads to more accidents.
  • Before using the machine, users had better check all the parts of the machine so that it will work smoothly without causing any wounds.
  • You also ought to wear protective clothes to avoid fragments and poisonous substances from the materials you cut.
  • You should work with a supporter so that in unfortunate cases, he is able to help you handle all the problems.
  • After using the router table set, you should stop the electric power or disassemble the motor so and clean the router table so that there are no fragments remained.
  • It is better if you take part in a course related to carpentering or outsourcing which all needs to use the router table. You will have an opportunity to learn how to keep safe during your work and how to prevent the machine from doing harm to you. This is very important on the grounds that if you do it on your own, you will have to deal with perilous matters regularly and being wounded is inevitable.

Purchasing a set of router table is simple but using it safely is the most important. We hope that with these notes, your work will be more effective.


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