Guide to buy a welding helmet for welders

  1. Why do you need to buy a welding helmet?

It is essential to use a welding helmet when any kind of welding is being operated. What do you need the welding helmet for? A welding helmet is not necessary for your eyes’ protection but also the convenience of your working. The quality of the welding contributes most to the result of your welding. You can read a lot of best welding helmet reviews to see how important a welding helmet to your welding. It is because the purity of the lens of the welding helmet glass directly effects on your views when you are working.

One thing that not many people care about when they use a welding helmet is their appearance. You might look terrible when you use an ugly welding helmet.

  1. Which type of welding helmet do you should buy?

There are two main types of welding helmet. They are traditional welding helmet and auto – darkening welding helmet. Among two mentioned above types of welding helmet, the auto – darkening glass en welding helmet shows much more advantages than the other type. The traditional one is often made of hard and thick material like steel or hard plastic. The glass lens of the traditional welding helmet is unable to self – vary basing on the level of environment brightness. Moreover, it often flips up and down while users are using it which makes their work difficult. However, the cheap material and drawbacks make its price much lower than the auto – darkening glass lens welding helmet. Therefore, this type of welding helmet is suitable for users in tight budget.

The second type of welding helmet is much more modern than the other. It is made of new – technology material which is often used to make plasma TV and display of alarm clock. The auto – darkening glass lens helmet includes a system of sensors which is able to sensitively update the changes of outside environment, especially the change of environment brightness then control the glass lens to change its brightness; as result, no matter how the outside brightness is, welders are always able to have a clear view of things outside the glass. For the fabulous advantages, the price of auto – darkening glass lens helmet is a bit higher than normal types of welding helmet. Moreover, the glass lens of this helmet will not flip up and down like that of the traditional welding helmet so that you can work freely without spending sometimes fixing the glass lens of the helmet.

There are two main types of welding helmet that most of people know. You can depend on your budget and using purpose to choose the suitable type of welding helmet for yourself.

  1. What type of auto – darkening glass lens helmet should you buy?

Now we will pay more attention to the specific types of auto – darkening glass lens welding helmet. There are some types of auto – darkening glass lens welding helmet: fixed and variable shade, lens reaction time, solar and rechargeable batteries, adjustable sensitivity and delay controls and so on. Each type allows you to receive several different benefits and advantages. We will continue with some specific features of each type in the following parts of this article.

However, before mention the specification, we would like to guide you some things in general.

  • Helmet fitting: it is very important to the effectiveness of using welding helmet for protection purpose. Each user should choose a welding helmet which fits the size of their head. A too tight or too large welding helmet is both able to make it inconvenient for you when you are welding. A tight welding helmet can make you sweat much more than normal, whereas a too large one can easily fall out of your head when you are working. Both of these cases are not expected by users.
  • National safe standard: There is a standard for welding helmets and helmet in general about the safety level. Your helmet must meet this standard to be able to protect yourself when you are working.

Now we continue with the main content we are discussing above. We will continue with specific features of some types of auto – darkening glass lens welding helmet. The first ones are fixed and variable shade. Welding helmet manufacturers provide customers with fixed and variable shade welding helmet. For the first type – fixed shape welding helmet, the shade of glass lens is fixed and unable to change depending the change of some outer factors like welding materials, thickness of the material, and so on. Meantime, the variable one can do this. It helps users always have a pure view through glass lens.

Besides some things like the type of welding helmet and so on, you also need to consider some other features when you are going to buy an auto – darkening glass lens welding helmet. The first thing is lens reaction time. Thanks to this index, you can know how fast the auto – darkening glass lens welding helmet change its lens’ brightness from dark to light and light to dark to suit the brightness of outside environment. The second thing you should consider is the type of batteries the auto – darkening glass lens helmet using. There are solar and rechargeable batteries. You should depend on your workplace location to choose. If your work mainly outside under the sun, you’d better choose the welding helmet with solar batteries.

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