Proper food preservation for summer days


Hot and humid summer climate makes foods easy to lose freshness, and degenerated very rapidly, causing many diseases related to the digestive system. Therefore the proper food storage is not interested at housewives.

The preservation of food should be kept in mind at all stages as selection, processing and storage. Ensuring food safety and freshness is the best way to help protect the health of the entire family. Here are a few principles of food preservation in muggy summer weather, family help you avoid the risk of disease caused by bacteria.

With the blazing sun of summer days, many families still make homemade food and drinks to the thirst. Storing them in the refrigerator often people use a whole lot more. However, tend to use vacuum extraction is also growing very strongly. You can search more information about vacuum sealer reviews on some websites for more information about instruction and the function. Owning a vacuum machine for family size to preserve fresh food longer on this summer day is essential.

Effective solution is that you use a vacuum to preserve the product. It helps you save time and costs while ensuring a delicious family meals and full of nutrients. Also, you’ll often see the product vacuum packaging in supermarkets, shops … extremely convenient efficiency. Besides, there are some notes that you should consider when preserving food on hot summer days.

  • Fresh Food

No reserve too much fresh food; it should be best eaten when purchased at the time.

To save time, the housewives usually buy a large amount of food sufficient for several days. But sorting, storing large amount of product is not simple. Therefore, the best way is to spend less time shopping to buy enough food for the day.

With green vegetables: After purchasing, you should wash, pick the leaves dropping deep, flooding, to a dry, cool or cool refrigerator compartment. If not for immediate consumption, you should not wash or soak vegetables water because water quickly flooding and dirt can penetrate more quickly damage vegetables.

With broccoli, cabbage: if not kept in the refrigerator, you can use the paper sealed, cool place.

Fridge is a means of preserving good food, slow the growth of bacteria, but it is absolutely no bactericidal effect.

With vegetables: To cool place can be stored for 2-3 days depending on type, or for cooling in the refrigerator compartment, preserving the 5-7 days.

Fruits: Buy, wash and preserve at cool area. With watermelon, melon, you should buy small, medium size. Remember to use a piece of plastic covered on the face cucumber pickle to keep from drying and reduces flavor.

– Poultry, eggs, seafood processing … need to immediately into the refrigerator as soon as possible.

  • Frozen foods

When buying frozen food, carefully review the expiry date and storage instructions for storage of products

  • Cooked food

If the weather is cool, the food may have been processed for 4-6 hours, but in hot weather it would be easier rancid if not preserved.

– Food should be eaten and cooked immediately.

– The re dishes on the menu should limit hot day. Do not use the same cutting board for holding the disc and general food processing or fresh or cooked.

With all kinds of cooked food, if it remains and you want to leave, the best way of preserving is the boil again. Then open the lid, quenching and for storage in the freezer box. When reusing these foods, you should boil again to destroy bacteria penetrate and survive in food and not to continue hosting the second time.

  • Store in refrigerator

– For cooked food, can only be stored for 1-2 days

– Prior to the refrigerator for storage, food wrap it with sealed plastic bags to avoid infection, while limiting the odor in the refrigerator.

– Cooked food must be taken immediately. Once removed from the refrigerator should be eaten immediately not to exceed 4 hours.

– The raw food like meat, fish … want to spend a long time to put in the fridge, not to slow more than 4 hours. When taken out of the refrigerator, it must be processed immediately.

– Does not contain too much or open the refrigerator regularly: A refrigerator too full of food will cause the air mass circulation difficult, slow process of cooling.

– The best way is to cool food in the refrigerator compartment to thaw gradually.

In case of a power outage, do not have the means to preserve food in the refrigerator, it should be noted:

– Preserve food in a cool place, not near the stove

– The salad, mixed salad done using immediately, leaving no more than 2 hours (even if stored in the freezer).

– With fresh foods such as fish, meat … you can use methods of salting to preserve food by wrapping in a clean dry dipped in vinegar solution (maybe to spend 1 day) or soak in sauce (maybe to win the whole week).

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