We all know that to make coffee, we need coffee powder which is grinded coffee beans. A coffee grinder will be very beneficial for those who like drinking coffee every day. In comparison with the processed coffee which is sold in the market, the fresh grinded coffee beans are much more delicious. The scent is also more attractive. Therefore, people can enjoy all the flavor of a coffee cup. In terms of coffee grinders, there are a number of types for you to select. As usual, there are three popular types, out of which the best burr grinder is considered to be the most favored. These machines will help you make coffee powder that will make you addicted to coffee. The available coffee you buy will never have this flavor. In this article, we will introduce to you the three types as mentioned.

  1. The burr grinder

This is the most effective machine for grinding coffee beans and it is also the most expensive type. For this point, a lot of people will take it into account on the grounds that they will compare the quality with the price. Doing this is good. You ought to have your own opinion to buy a good one.

We are sure that the quality of a burr grinder will never fall short of your expectation. The burr grinder has the most stable operation as it makes coffee powder the most effectively. You will have smooth powder after you grind coffee beans with this type of coffee grinders.

There are two models for a burr grinder. One type is conical burr grinder and the other is flat burr grinder. Both these two types apply the technology: rotating burr and rotating cup or rotating burr and stationary cup.

In the market now, there are some famous brands that produce good burr grinder. It is necessary to you to get information about them so that you can define the most suitable types of burr grinder for your families. Nonetheless, there are also fake products of unknown burr grinder manufacturers so you have to be aware of them. It is the best to equip yourselves with full information about the characteristics of the brands you consider and the product feature of those brands. When you choose the burr grinder, you will realize strong points and weak points. In addition, as usual, the warranty period for a burr grinder is about 6 months.

  1. Blade coffee grinders

The blade coffee grinder uses a sharp blade with two wings which spin at full speed in order to grind coffee beans. The more time you spend on grinding, the smoother the coffee powder is. The advantage when you buy this type is low price. A blade coffee grinder is much cheaper than a burr grinder and you can see this type in every juice shop.

However, after you use this type, the blade will become less sharp so it will grind coffee beans less effectively. The coffee powder will be not as smooth as at the first time even though you grind for a long time. Therefore, to insure the quality of the coffee beans grinded, you have to buy some more blades to replace the old ones.

  1. Handheld coffee grinders

A handheld coffee grinder depends on the force of users’ hands. We will have to use one hand to keep the machine and use the other hand to grind the coffee beans. The coffee beans will be grinded smoothly if our hands can grind for a long time. However, it cannot be denied that people’s force is not as effective as that of a motor. Therefore, after about 10 minutes grinding, your hands will be tired. However, this type has much more artistic features than the two types above.

In conclusion, it is obvious that the burr grinder can be the best choice for your families. You will have smooth coffee powder within a short time. For all the types listed above, even though they have disadvantages, it does not matter on the grounds that the coffee they make surpasses all the types of coffee in the market. A coffee grinder is not expensive so if you are a person addicted to the flavor of natural coffee, you had better invest some money in this machine in order to satisfy your demands. When you have the intention to buy any kind of machine, you can consult more in our website.

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