You all know that playing guitar is not a simple thing and not too difficult. For those who just spare very little time for learning and practicing will never receive good results. By contrast, for those who have right attitude for it will certainly gain deserved results. According to the principle of professional guitarists, they need a good guitar of a best guitar brand such as Ibanez, Boss, Takamine, Art and Lutherie, Luna Guitars or Roland. In addition, they also have to prepare a lot to start with this interesting instrument. In this article, we will supply you with the most necessary steps for guitar beginners.

  1. Prepare psychology

To play a very simple song with guitar well, you will need to spend a lot of time practicing. Almost all people who want to play guitar want to learn quickly, after just one or two days. However, you should know that with two days, you will be able to sit and hold the instrument in a proper way and even learn some chords. In fact, it is quite difficult for beginners to learn to play a song well after a short time. The time for learning to play guitar should be estimated by month, not by day or hour.

Firstly, if you learn to play a song without learning the least basic lesson, your fingers will be painful and then you will feel bored with the instrument after a week on the grounds that you will lose your direction and have no orientation. Surprisingly, a lot of people give up leaning to play guitar within their first week. However, if you can overcome the first difficulties and challenges, your level will be improved quickly soon.

When you want to play guitar well, you need to keep in mind two principles: be patient and practice hard. Learning to play guitar is similar to learning other subjects. Of course, there are difficulties and new obstacles to test your ability. If you can overcome all of them, you will make progress. Therefore, it is better to set up a daily schedule for practicing, taking care the instrument and your fingers so that you can play it the best. After about two months, you will see the results. Comparing with your first days, you will see how better you are.

  1. Choose to buy a guitar

You cannot learn to play guitar without a guitar. Therefore, the next step is choosing to buy a guitar. Of course, the more expensive the guitar is, the better it is. However, for beginners, a guitar of medium level and price is suitable. There is no need to purchase a too expensive one. With a medium one, you can learn to play quite well. For some first months of learning, a guitar like this is good. However, when you are quite good at playing and handling all the problems you have to deal with during practicing and playing, you had better buy a better one.

According to experienced people, beginners ought not to buy an electric guitar for the first time. The first reason is that an electric guitar is very expensive. The second reason is that it is very difficult to learn to play an electric guitar. And the last one is that even people who want to pursue rock style and want to play an electric guitar should learn to play an acoustic guitar first.

One thing you need to remember is that do not buy a cheap guitar on the grounds that cheap instruments often have low quality and give not good sounds. Buying such guitars will make you disappointed soon. It is very easy to understand. Guitars that are made of low – quality wood will cause a lot of inconvenience and bring you difficulties when you train your fingers on the guitar strings. The sound will be also very bad. You will have to use so much force to play the chords that you will give it up. A guitar for beginner should be 100 dollars or more.

For beginners, remember that with good preparation, including psychology and equipment, you will have a good start with this instrument. If you do not know what type of guitar to choose, you can contact us to get more information about this.

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