The advantage and disadvantage of plasma cutting


Plasma cutting – Plasma cutting is a process in which to cut steel and other metals in the various cutting thickness using a plasma torch. In this method, inert gas (or compressed air) is blown through nozzles with high pressure, supply lines arcing time also passed through the gas flow from the nozzle to the cutting surface, moving part into a gas plasma.

Plasma has a high melting temperature metal cutting plants, high-pressure inflatable with enough to blow the molten metal out of the cut. Choosing the best plasma cutter to operate will help mechanic save their time in the work.

  • Advantages of Plasma cutting method

Plasma cutting method has the advantages for laser cutting method, and oxy-gas cutting:

Cutting speed fast: Speed ​​faster plasma cutting gas cutting oxy-making with under 50mm thick panels. Faster speed plasma cutting laser cut when done with more than 3mm thick sheet. Fast cutting speeds help increase productivity, reduce overall manufacturing costs.

  • Easy to operate

Plasma cutting is not high technical requirements for operators, the training is easy, simple operation cuts, no need to adjust after the operation.

Economy: Cutting economical than oxy-gas cutting when cutting with less than 25mm thick plate.

  • Disadvantages of Plasma cutting method

cutting electrode, nozzle frequent replacement increases the production cost.

Plasma cutting can not cut with metal objects are not cut.

  • Developed in history

Plasma cutting was developed in 1960 and in 1980 emerged as an effective way to cut the steel plate and steel sheet scrap and billet It creates less surface precision fabrication, cleaner, so it soon extensive development. With the development of machine tools, CNC plasma cutting is applicable in the following year but 1980 to 1990, brings the flexibility and accuracy than before.

Buying plasma cutter to note what

  • Some important thing when deciding to buy CNC plasma cutting machines of any manufacturer

The maximum moving speed of the cutter head to the 10.000mm / min or more. If the low speed, you will be annoyed when mower running like a turtle, a great influence on productivity. This also demonstrates the level of manufacturers is limited.

When you operate plasma cutting, material cutting (sheet metal) is often uneven, which will have a certain level of warping. Therefore, CNC plasma cutting machines equipped with control systems cutting head height automatically (Auto Torch Height Controller). The mission of this department is to control the cutting head up / down automatically according to the curvature, warping of materials. To ensure that the distance from the cutting to the metal surface is stable. Ensure cuts are always beautiful. Without this division will be bad cuts and uneven. If the sheet metal bent, buckled many even cause the Plasma Cutting.

If the CNC Plasma cutter head equipped with cutting Gas-oxygen (Or often called the wind cut stone), the machine must be equipped with automatic ignition and control the cutting head height with capacitive sensors ( Unlike the control of plasma height control voltage).

Table’s machine must have water tanks to eliminate dust and reduce smoke caused by plasma, if not; fumes generated by the plasma will affect the health of the operator.

Select the appropriate source Plasma: Plasma Power has a wide variety and quality is very different. Depending on the thickness of material removed (eg source material 100A may cut up to 15mm) and quality requirements can choose the cut that common source or sources Plasma cutting Plasma high resolution.

  • The source of plasma cutting

If you want to invest in CNC plasma cutting machines to produce electricity, there is a private cabinet fun is now to produce electrical cabinets you do not need to invest at least a hydraulic breaker and a punching machine (Punch machine) and a multitude of tool sizes, different shapes too. Which just invested 01 CNC plasma-cutting machine for less by 1/2 than a punching machine.

With CNC plasma cutter, you can cut any shape to mount lights, fans, switches, including envelopes AutoCAD drawings without having to replace the tool as punching machine. CNC plasma cutting machine can cut most types of metal, such as steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum, copper … with more than 20mm thickness (depending on the power of plasma source).


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