The Distinctive Know How To Choose The Best Type Rice Cooker


For many years, the rice cooker is becoming one of the indispensible tools for almost families. On the market now, the rice cooker is very available as well as variable in terms of design, functions as well as the price, in order to meet the demand of the buyers. The below information will help you choose the rice cooker, particularly the best rice cookers for your family.

The Engine Rice Cooker

Typical Brand

Although this type of rice cooker was launched for a long time on the market, it is still be the huge attraction with a lot of users.  The device is made simply with one button in order to turn on and off. Some well- known brand which has the high standard product lines for this segment are Sharp (in Thailand), Panasonic (in Thailand), and Philips (in which the accessories is produced in Finland, and the process of installing is carried in China).

Price Of The Device

The engine rice cooker is sold at the cheap price, which is quite convenient with a lot of consumers group. Recently, this product line has been improved in terms of function with the capacity for streaming the food, cooking soup, or processing the cake. Thanks to the heating mechanism under bottom of cooker with the large capacity, the cooker can make food in a short time, which is estimated from 20 to 30 minutes. The price for this machine is from 10$ to more than 50$.

The Explanation For The Different Price Level

The difference in the price is explained based on the many factors. First belongs to the material of the cooker bottom. It is estimated that the one which is made from the aluminum is often sold with the cheaper price. Second is based on the design of the machine. The one which is imported from the foreign countries has to pay the higher tax level. One thing that the buyers should bear in mind is that they need to consider the quality of the cheap one due to it is easily broken during the process of cooking.

However, the brand Philips HD4728 model applies the similar cooking mechanism with the electronics cooker.

The Outstanding Features Of The Machine

The engine rice cooker can enable to cook quickly, which makes the evaporation very strong. As a result, it is necessary for the users to prepare the attached tray for keeping the evaporated water. Currently, to deal with this problem, the Philips manufacturers have launched into the market the HD4728 model which is operated based on the mechanism of the electric cooker. It is said that the water stream which is adhered on the cap of the cooker will be distributed equally on the rice. Thus, the user do not need to concern about the water tray.

Some types of engine cooker are designed with the mental cap, which is easily removable. However, according to the response from many consumers, it is said that the one with the detachable cap cannot be able to keep the heat as long as the one with default cap.

The Electric Rice Cooker.

The Features Of The Product

Compared to the engine rice cooker, it is said that the electric device is much more convenient when it operated based on the electric controlling system. The product uses two heating device at the bottom and the cap but the time for cooking rice seems to be longer. Based on the evaluation of the manufacturer, it is said that the electric cooker although takes much time for operate its electricity consumption is less than the first one.

Reasons Why Consumers Should Choose The Device

Nowadays, the electric rice cooker is becoming the selection of so many people due to the following reasons. The device is designed with the time setting based on a lot of cooking mode (boil, stream, as well as stew the food). In addition, its appearance is also very attractive and eye- catching. As long as, you are busy and do not have much time for cooking, it is said that this product line is the awesome choice as it is capable of operating automatically. Besides, the consumers do not have to care so much about the water keeping tray for supporting the operating process of the machine. Last but not least, cooking rice with the electric cooker also assists the users to keep the nutrition of the food at maximum.

The Price Of The Device

In general, the electric rice cooker is sold on the market with the high price, which is from 50$ to 2500$. Some types of well- known brands such as the Tiger(Japan) or Panasonic(Thai) even sell this line with the price from 3000$ to 4000$.

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