Find Out The Best Benefits Of Garden Hose Reel

Planting bed at Edwards Gardens

According to our experience in implementing the irrigation system, the device has the larger radius, usually have lower costs. For some crops have lower economic value, such as sugarcane, wheat, corn … should consider the application form mobile irrigation.

The water system in garden is so important. You can consider and then choose the best  garden hose reel and then the work of garden is easier than ever.

Some kind of huge irrigation particle size, particle size backwards with small type smooth. Most types of equipment difficult to achieve 100% uniformity, which are often only 80-90% (for large firms, they can be calculated accurately flow and uniformity).

Select The Garden Hose Reel

Many people buy devices in the marketplace and the installation itself but the results are not as expected because the devices either do shoddy, or is not accurate advice that the system does not promote off.

Require Some Information Of Garden Hose Reel

Choosing the method of installation, irrigation system design automation, computational capacity of pumps, water pipe size calculation; determine the cost of investment needed (including cost of pipeline equipment, irrigation equipment, installation costs) …

Determine The Usage After Buying Garden Hose Reel

The output parameters such as homogeneity calculation of irrigation systems, homogeneity as high as possible; calculate the flow and timing of irrigation; calculate the cost of irrigation.

For irrigating large fields, often require work mechanization in planting, tending and harvesting, while requiring a radius of irrigation equipment large, or the application of measures Pivot irrigation, irrigated with self-rolling machine.

In terms of cost, calculated relative to the total note investor instead of per-device pricing. On the market there are only a few thousand devices / head irrigation, even kind of money a few hundred million. In addition, the cost of irrigation head is very large pipeline.

There are people homemade irrigation system with PVC system self punch lines, the cost of up to 70-80 million / hectare, while investing in a system with a radius of about 14-15m just all around 30-40 million / hectare. Operating costs should also be considered as the cost of oil, the cost of repair, replacement, labor costs operating the system…

Some Notes When Choosing Garden Hose Reel

As the lifespan of the system, the problems encountered during the operation as stuffy rule, failures, the references and warranty … We wish her children get the system automatic irrigation lifestyle.

Designing automatic irrigation system in the city, very convenient and modern. The combination of the controller and battery brand nozzles Germany Gardena irrigation system to create a complete and simple, to meet the needs of individual care homeowners greenery.

The design and construction of an automatic irrigation system design guidelines automatic irrigation system in the house, hoping that each of us can put your hand up a simple irrigation system but effective.

Automatic irrigation system is a system that is now in common usage. The design automated irrigation system requires that you have some information about the materials and equipment, such as automatic irrigation controller, solenoid valves, …

However, for small areas, the controlled irrigation system uses 220V mains is not the optimal choice. The controller processes automatic watering of Gardena battery for a small-sized compact design, beautiful, durable would be a good choice for a small green space in the city.

Dedicated controller for small irrigation systems greenery German origin has many advantages. The controller should use safety pin; friendly interface and simple programming tasks, without specialized knowledge, enabling users to easily choose the right time watering and irrigation needs (in loop or in real time).

Besides this, the controller has two settings including programming on time watering, installs 6 times a day; cyclical irrigation programming, installation times by up to 24 times per day.

Users can install irrigation every day of the week or just watering these days as required by the controller. The controller does not need pressure pump, just normal water pressure equivalent to 20m 5m from 0.5 to 2 bars that can work well.

The controller withstands pressure up to 12 bars. Casing of the controller is ABS and anti-rain texture allows outdoor activities without a roof. Timer can be separated with the base, so the installation is easier, can be installed in a limited space.

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