How To Choose A Child’s Diaper Rash Medicine


Parents should carefully explore dosage forms of drugs against threats to infant can choose a niche product and most efficient.

Diaper rash is caused by inflammation of skin irritation is common in young children, especially between the ages of 0 to 24 months. However, skin rash in infants whose mothers can survive undetectable by perianal locations received less attention. You can consider and then choose the best diaper rash cream for newborns.

The Effect Of Diaper

Your baby’s skin, especially children aged 0 to 24 months of age, 5 times thinner than an adult, resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment are still poor. Many causes of diaper rash as continuous rubbing her skin with a rough material that diapers abrasions; are allergic to colorings, flavoring used mother; persistent diarrhea …

But the most important reason is parents accidentally let the baby skin prolonged contact with enzymes in the faces and urine when not changing diapers frequently. Artificial environment inside the nappy inherently unfavorable for baby skin. The wet waste from the environment makes it irritating to the skin surface, eventually leading to diaper rash.

For effective prevention of diaper rash, you should take the initiative to create a protective layer to prevent a baby’s skin from irritation agents from feces and urine. To do this, parents should apply a repellent layer threats to children. However, parents should carefully select products according to a note of the following:

Anti-rash cream, lotion and liquid form: this is the drug dosage forms of domestic oil. Features of this dosage form is freely soluble in water should be dissolved in the urine of babies. In addition, the water rate is due mainly to the bacteria is easy to infiltrate the drug.

To preserve well for this drug in dosage form, manufacturers often have to add preservatives or adjuvants some potentially irritating, allergenic or toxic effects but no cure diaper rash dozen.

Protect And Cherish Your Baby Skin Every Day.

Anti-intimidation powder: typically talc. Research shows, chalk discrete molecules do not form protective layer, creating space for the waste enzymes penetrate their skin. Also in other types of talc containing flavorings, easy to irritate your baby’s skin.

Anti-intimidation clock format: there is water in the oil dosage forms, but the rate is too high causing oil viscous liquid, applied to the skin tough kid and have a strong hand washable, scratch, creating a favorable environment for invading bacteria.

Anti-intimidation as fat: with water-in-oil dosage forms, but at a suitable rate, very slightly soluble in water helps ointment lingers long on the skin, forming a barrier layer effectively, just prevent bacteria penetrate skin contact.

” Anti threats prioritized as fat to use as capable of generating protective layer from the baby’s skin-irritating agents effective. In addition, the product is very benign by not contain colorings, flavoring, preservatives. Parents can use the ointment daily to prevent the baby “.

Besides choosing topical medications as fat, parents should use preparations containing lanolin and Dexpathenol. This is the duo specificity; lanolin (wool grease extracted from nature) is like “wall” separating membrane protects the skin against irritation from baby feces or urine.

Also active Dexpanthenol (provitamin B5) is capable of deep impact, treatment of skin lesions from within, gently moisturizes, helps skin heal better baby. This is a duo-specific dual mechanism of action both to prevent diaper rash has healed, well effective.

Mid-season, the weather is cold and hot weather season, leaving the young children and especially babies sweating in hot weather and heat rash and often well appear on the neck armpit red patches in the groin when a child signs tunnel . Here are some tips 1 infant diaper rash treatments.

Diaper rash in infants is the reaction of the skin when in the skin secretion system clogged sweat as much without ventilation, damaged skin; diaper rash can cause pimples, skin abrasive effect, easy or possible contamination by wet yeast infections.

Often children between 3 months to 6 months or having babies’ .Ham usually survive for 2-3 days or it can spread skin areas that had been multiple infections or yeast infections, need to be examined and treated promptly blow.

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