Should Choose The Best Paint Spray Gun For Wood Industry


Currently on the market there are many types of guns slithering spray paint specialist for portable timber industry, cars, cosmetics, metal … but to opt for a paint spray gun suitable timber industry is not easy thing

Normally, we should choose paint spray gun timber industry; choose the model with a diameter of 1.3 or 1.5. Spray used cars in the garage we choose model: W101-134G and W400-142G.

With years of experience in the field of paint spray systems we offer a selection of scientific methodology to guide you to optimize the selection of 1 paint spray gun for each job category and model that is based on the density of the paint. Reading airless paint sprayer reviews and then you will know about some steps to paint with this product.

This is the experience we were hoping to conclude our customers more convenient to use spray gun for wood industry

Iwata paint spray 2.Sung Japanese W101 (for coverage are smooth and beautiful) are widely used in wood, cars, plastic because requiring high fineness and crisp.

Here we would like to teach you how to use the gun and the best preserved to increase longevity and quality of the product surface:

Not To Paint

When buying paint spray gun for unknown wood you choose to buy any kind of good paint spray gun and matching demand and selling expenses can afford, you should first learn about the specialized distribution sites on guns spray paint (, of many famous brands such as: Iwata, Meiji, PRONA …

Technology automatic airless spray timber

Classic paint spraying gas mix. Air spray’s Iwata spray gun is a compact design, high reliability product suitable for everyone.

Unlike mixed gas injection method (Air pray) air spraying (airless) spray-rays are created by compressing raw materials from within the high pressure pump to create pressure transmission conductor (Max Pressure) 530 bar through forming nozzles and jets.

Steps For Spray Painting Wood:

Sanding the surface to remove the bumpy surface.

Vacuum to remove dust mites in the wood grain to prepare staining (Stain).

Dyeing to balance the base color of the wood to create a sustainable and uniform color.

Next colored in-depth focus spraying to highlight the hidden beauty of the wood.

Drying with hot air before receiving another step.

Primer coating has a special formula of high-pressure Sirca.

Sanding with vibrator dedicated to preparing the 2nd primer coating.

Monday primer coating for spraying.

Sanding off with dedicated camera shake, check the entire surface adjusted if necessary before the paint coating protects the surface eventually.

Varnish coating finally safe and environmentally friendly, durable and high rigidity to the surface.

Through the steamed-room for the final coating is dried to the optimum temperature required by the paint supplier.

The Effectiveness Of Paint Sprayer

Spray paint market is large consumer demand, only the desire to be able to choose the best dressed paint spray guns in the wood industry.

Typically, when choosing paint spray guns, the buyer is often based on the model gun, if used in the wood industry, the choice of gun metal nozzles diameter is 1.3 or 1.5, and spraying cars in the garage is used to select the model. With years of experience in the field of spray paint, consistent I share with you how to choose the best spray paint in the wood industry.

Currently on the market, paint spray guns used in the timber industry there are many types, notably by some employers as follows: Iwata, Meiji, FSL, PRONA, Wagner … Consistency has made statistical survey customer demand for paint spray guns, the market realized that the company’s paint spray gun Japan Iwata ANEST are leading popular use for the furniture industry.

Iwata paint spray guns ANEST firm produced a wide variety of models, depending on the type of product that is used for various tasks such as automotive paint, paint pottery, painted furniture, …

Special paint spray guns are often used in furniture workshop is ANEST Iwata spray gun painting W71, W71 gun back in line with many different size nozzles specialized needle for each specific type of work.

In case if you are used to conventional primer should be used spray paint guns W71-31G is painted above the container (above waist), its diameter is 1.5mm metal nozzles.

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