What Is The Benefits Of Band Saw?


You work in carpentry and you feel difficulties in cutting wood in some situations. But you don’t know more about this product, about advantages and disadvantages. So before buying this product, you should find out this product carefully and then make a good decision to make effectiveness with in working.

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So now, we will introduce to you about the benefits of this product

Cut on a lathe

Two convenient form of cutting is used to cut the pipe. This convenient rotary mower cutting head spin around a stationary tube. It can cut a section and then perform the flap edges from inside and outside

Lathes standards have been used for decades. A tube clamp chuck through a tube is rotated, and the cutting tool (insert format) mounted on a sliding parts in the pipeline.

Because the rotary tube, its length cannot exceed 20 ft. Limit the length can slow down the speed of production.

A different type of lathe (lathe revolves) around a rotating cutting head fixed pipe (see Figure 3). There can be four rotating cutting head mounted on top of this. This machine can cut and make the inside and outside walls. Optional adapter allows beveled inside and outside on the back of each section.

Single application of lathe cutting round pipe. Typically, it is used to cut high strength steel tubes, thick-walled tube for spare parts as the silver lining and air bags and boxes of materials such as titanium and alloy parts such INCOLOY ® for automotive shaft .

Advantages Of Cutting Lathes

– Cut all materials mild steel and stainless steel; gangs; Dong; Dong; and high strength, low alloy steel.

– Cut the pipe diameter to 8,00in 0.375. And wall thickness 0.500 0.020 in

– Can be cut with precision finishing in one operation

– Can be equipped with CNC

– Carbide tools facilitate the replacement of rapid tooling.

– The process of cutting using cooling water or dry mist system so no need for coolant filtration.

The Downside Of Cutting Lathes

– Fully automated systems are relatively expensive.

– Cycle time is relatively slow.

– Minutes tubular can cut is limited to circular pipes.

– Cut a short length pipe using standard lathe cutting.

– The pipe must be cut to avoid distortion chamfered inner diameter.

– Cutting tool insert format creates a significant amount of sawdust shavings.

Crop Rotation Or Cut Pipe Ring

The tube is placed on rollers, while a rotary blade (wheel) back when it cut the pipe.

Pipe cutter rotating ring or cutting pipes have been used in the industry for over 50 years. It was originally used in industry for cutting pipes aluminum tubes of air conditioning. As technology has advanced, its scope has been extended to all kinds of raw materials and products.

Cut pipe or tube cutting ring rotation involves cutting round pipe using a blade rotating around the perimeter of the tube. This tube is placed on the backup roller while rotating blades cut into the pipe it.

Because there is no cutting grooves or steel dust generated, no material is lost. Instead, the material was moved-tube pushed toward each side of the blade. This is why a small corner at the top of the tube to create the cut. Some of the material is pushed into the inner diameter of the pipe and partially ejected outer diameter, creates a slight bulge at the top of the cut pipe.

This method is suitable for cutting the straight pipe section 20 – to 25-ft, or cut a pipe coils can be unreeling and straightening during cutting.

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