In these modern times, in families that often make and repair furniture themselves, a router table is very common and even it is an indispensable tool in their home. They use it as if they are skillful carpenters and at first sight you may regard them as masters of outsourcing. So what is a router table? What are its benefits and drawbacks and why people need it? These questions will be all answered in this article. We will give you satisfactory explanations for this.

  1. Definition

A router table is one type of dedicated table that helps you put the saw on and operate it in order to cut wood and metal. The purpose of using a router table is to keep the material straight and keep it stationary to support your cutting. In the market, there are a lot of router table types so it is your responsibility to look for the best Router Table so that you will have the most effective results.

  1. Advantages of router tables

You can surely point out the advantages of a router table. This dedicated table helps you to put a large or small piece of material (wood, metal) to cut it with as saw blade. The table is only used to put the material on. Whether the material is kept firm depends on the force of your hands.

Some modern or multi – functional router tables have drawers to contain smaller tools like scissors, knives or other dedicated outsourcing devices.

There are also a number of router tables for you to choose. Some types have for legs while some have flat bottom. In the past, people often used wooden router table as wood was available and cheap. But nowadays, they tend to use metal router table for long lifespan and durability. Some are made of a mix of wood and metal. However, the metal types are more favored.

When it comes to the power to operate the router table, in fact, to operate to saw, there are two major types: motor and electric power. If it is a motor router table, the motor can be attached under the table to save space. This type of router table looks very compact. The other type needs electric power to run the saw blade.

  1. Disadvantages of router tables

We can say that a router table has no disadvantages. The way people operate it has disadvantages not the table itself. Here, we will list some accidents that can happen while you are using a router table for cutting.

You can cut your fingers if you are not careful. You should remember that the saw blade is very sharp. It is able to cut metal so you have to pay much attention to your work. When you push the material towards the saw blade, if your hands are loose, it is very easy for you to wound yourself. The table is quite long and large for small users so their hands must work slowly in order that they can keep the material and cut it properly.

Sometimes, accidents related to electric power can occur if you use a router table using electricity. It is when the electric leaks beyond your control. While you are cutting materials, it is very difficult for you to avoid electric shock (if the electric leaks). Your response to this case cannot be quick because you have to deal with sawing problems. If you can avoid electric shock, you can suffer wounds caused by the saw blade. If you suffer electric shock, you can avoid wounds. However, this case hardly happens because people often choose the motor router table and they are very careful.

In terms of using router table, carefulness is the best otherwise, you will suffer unexpected wounds. We cannot deny that we can get a number of benefits from a router table but it is easy to be engaged in unfortunate accidents. Therefore, think deeply before deciding to purchase a router table for the purpose of sawing. Nothing happens if you are a careful person but if you are not, you ought to consider thoroughly and consult in other users for the best reviews.

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