How Is The Best Braided Fishing Line?


Do you like fishing? It is consider as a good sport help people relax and take a short rest. But when going fishing, you need to prepare some accessories. So now we can help you.

How is the best braided fishing line? More flexible wires are designed specifically for some of the machines easier to toss wide waters that few obstacles like trees or rocks. Generally wire diameter as large as hard, of course, when the hard wire the extra strength.

Wire rope monofilament is the most popular, because cheap price. The maker of nylon used for spinning the reels of this kind should the wires easily scratched. Wire filament often added scratch resistance but retains sensitivity and toughness make vibration. Basic filament wire and outer covers mixed in a few more layers to ensure wire withstand scratches.

Panel were fishing line certainly very small diameter which retains the vibration sensitivity. Example: 15lbs which twine diameter mono 6lbs. Material and nylon woven into braids is to increase certainty which wire is still small, many manufacturers also added one more to wrap twine secured to each other and increase endurance. There are three common problems in the twine, which can be overcome:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fishing

Be careful when using this type long lines found spotless, although the braids but when they wire tangle easily weakened and fragile.


Differences of twine is a new mix for the wires. The elements are mixed with the nylon rope to keep the vibrating wire is sensitive, robust and small diameter, remains flexible when thrown away.

Some experts said that twine and wire to make sure the mixture only in certain limit only, but has the advantage of “play” should very dangerous.

The latest technique is wire fluorocarbons, fluorine polymer material made from carbon turned over. This is good for wiring several advantages as follows:


This is a great advantage, especially in the water during or for the meticulous way

Line Fluorocarbon photorefractive almost like the water, so it is almost invisible in the water, but we can see the outside waters.

Durable: Ultraviolet rays of the sun has no influence spending to wire, so we spent a long time

Surely: Wire fluorocarbon waterproof so it was definitely .A number of manufacturers that monofilament wire may lose about 10-20% certainty because it is waterproof.

Provide: Wire has less elasticity should make us feel the vibration to “close”. Sturdy wire rope means are not well, and allow the bait down deeper and faster in the water.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fishing

Golden Glare

Bright yellow color to it was found easy prey to fish or to distinguish the position many different fishing lines when we dragged by boat or pray for the stream.

Should use this wire at dusk sky, foggy or night.  If we take the waters muddy, dirty, then this color with that water. This color is suitable for many moss waters bottom.

Fishing is a hobby, entertainment is very popular after a day of work or busy learning of many people. However, to achieve efficient fishing you cannot “catch unarmed enemy”, which forces you to have the same experience with important tools for fishing, which, next to the rod and machine sentences and charges sentences or lines is also the most important element to start a fishing trip.

 Select The Suitable Charges

To choose an appropriate fishing line, anglers should be based on the following characteristics: Wire diameter determines its certainty. Diameter also determines the durability of the wire. The numbers indicated on the coil is simply telling the certainty of resistance wire or broken up before the cord Lbs or Kg calculated, for example: 2 lbs wire weighs only 2 lbs fishing if too that weight will be broken wire. Often newcomers sentences or buy wire bear the weight equal to the weight of the fish want to sentence, should choose wire bear the weight more to be sure.  However, the good people who want to choose the wire as small as possible to increase the excitement pulling fish.

Some types of premium fishing line very small diameter endurance and stamina incredible. The other, smaller thin wire, the more increased vibration, the vibration will help you feel the bait fish suck then. Large and small diameter also helps us choose the appropriate machine again.

Robert Carlson, the founder of, he has passion with outdoor activities, especially with fishing.


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