How To Decorate Your Vacation Home Smartly?


Owning a vacation home means you will later entertain your visitors and guests there. Entertaining guests often goes further than just offering them delicious meals and good companions. Your vacation home should provide a relaxing space to make any guest feel comfortable during the party or gathering.

There are several ideas and tips for vacation home decoration, which could help to ensure your home later a warm and inviting space for guests and visitors. Most decoration would come with checking out new furniture to add, like how to choose the most comfortable recliner for your TV room or what the best recliners or sofas are to ensure your living room is open and relaxing.

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Using Slipcovers

As a vacation home, your house will sometimes be bustling with activities of friends, family, and visitors. The indoor will inevitably need to welcome fragments and pieces of snow, sand or others. Thus, the first advice is to use fabrics with great durability for your interior decoration so it can stand up to all the activities and substances from outdoor. Using slipcovers for sofas and beds makes it easier to remove the fabric and clean them when necessary.

Slipcovers also give more flexibility to your decoration ideas. You can easily change from one pattern or color tone to another so the furniture matches your theme or your new decoration style. This is a great choice for those who love to experience new ideas in decoration or those who simply want to refresh the house with some changes over time.

When taking into consideration cost for changing slipcovers instead of changing the furniture themselves, it is easy to see the economic advantage of using slipcovers in decoration of your vacation home. It will surely save quite some effort and money to make changes regarding to colors and styles.

Making Room For Large Number Of Visitors As Well As Unexpected Guests

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vacation Home Smartly and you

As a vacation home where everyone goes to have fun and get together, it is imperative that your home decorations and furniture are selected with a choice for expansion, as you will definitely have multiple occasions when unexpected guests come to join in the fun. Dining table should be flexible and able to expand if more guests arrive instead of having a fix number of seats and extra people have to resort to the floor.

You should also take into consideration the back-up sleeping options when drawing up ideas for bedroom decorations. Bunk beds, big sofas or comfortable recliner chairs are good choices that could go well with your vacation home’s relaxing concept while allowing options for extra sleeping space if unexpected guests arrive.

Designing Quiet Space For Privacy When One Needs It

Of course, your family and friends come together at your vacation home to talk and enjoy great company, but there will be time when your guests or even you require a short break and hide somewhere with privacy to simply relax in silence. It is recommended you keep this little fact in mind when coming up with ideas for your home decoration.

Several home furniture which could help to easily create these kind of private spaces in living room or bed room are sofa wall beds or recliner chair into one corner looking out to the garden or the beach. Separate arm sofas randomly place near bookshelves or out in the balcony also serve this purpose to give your guests a little time of privacy when they are looking for it.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vacation home and you

Sticking With An Open Concept For Vacation Home

There is no need to fill up every little space in your vacation home with furniture. Sometimes, too many furniture only serve to take up precious space and make the whole room look cluttering. Keep in mind that vacation home is where you gather in large number, talk, interact and constantly move around.

Thus, whatever your decoration idea is, stick with an open concept where you maximize the open space in living room, kitchen area, or dining room. Instead of separating the space with walls, you could choose one big comfortable piece of furniture to separate living room and kitchen area.

About the author: Madison is a passionate interior furniture expert who loves to create furniture that serves multiple purposes for home decorations. Her interior furniture expertise comes with great insight on home decoration concept and interior decoration to ensure every home is equally beautiful and convenient. 

She also loves to share her expert advice in home decoration and furniture selection so that everyone could make the best out of their decoration ideas and turn those ideas into comfortable and inviting living space. Madison’s greatest passion is to bring her ideas of furniture and decoration to any home with both beauty and comfort no matter what concept they follow.

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