Tools labor protection for welders


The equipment and personal protective equipment for welders labor is essential and urgent today in the company, now in production engineering. We can say labor protection tools for welders, mechanics is the choice of enterprises often find employers in particular labor sectors as well as the means to support themselves in life shopping labour’s mechanic, has helped reduce the costs of companies and individuals who use, yet maximize the rights and interests of workers.

Because this is the work that is important for welder, so when doing this worker, welders must equip many instruments to protect yourself from the danger. One of them is the best welding helmet. And now I will introduce some protect labor instrument you should have to operate work.

Many welders to weld and grind medium, the flame cutting equipment welding, metal forming machine (such as pulling, stretching, bending) is also used welders.

Welders must prepare materials for welding or cutting. They must know the type of welding is appropriate, how to use the equipment safely, how to work in a technological process, and the welding technique to control weld quality.

Welders can work in factories producing steel structures, boilers, heavy machinery, ships and planes. They also work in many industries like automotive, oil and gas, mechanical engineering, forestry, mining, construction, etc.

What is the threat to the health and safety of welders? There are many ways to protect yourself from some dangers. You can read this article and equip full instruments. Hazard usually fall into one of six broad categories listed below:

  • Biological hazards

Depending on the environmental characteristics of welding, the welder however most often encounter fewer biological hazards.

  • Chemical hazards

South can produce welding fumes, is a complex mixture of metal oxides, silicates and fluoride. Welding fumes formed when the metal or other materials, such as paint or solvent is heated to a temperature above the boiling point, evaporate and its vapor condenses into very fine particles (solid particles) have a very small size . Welding fumes often contains oxides of solder and electrode materials used. If metal with a protective coating or paint, these things can also decompose at temperatures of welding and become a part of welding fumes. Be careful when working near the welding fumes that its components can affect chronic or acute health.

Welders often have to work with:

Flammable liquids, lifting or asbestos.

  • The danger comes from working posture (ergonomic)

Many welders injury is the result of stretching muscles, sprains and musculoskeletal disorders. Because welders often have:

  • Lifting or moving heavy objects.
  • Work lasted in a difficult position.
  • Keep moving and heavy welding guns for a long time.
  • repetitive motion.
  • Physical hazards

Welders can be exposed by:

The noise is loud excessively, the temperature is too hot or too cold.

School of Electrical and rays toxic or radiation.

Arc welding and gas welding can produce visible light rays (VIS), ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR). Gamma rays or X-rays can be generated from the weld inspection equipment or welding machines. Skin and eyes can be hurt like illness “welder eye” or cataracts due to some kind of radiation from welding light.

  • The hazards related to working environment conditions

Welders often have to work will have some dangers such as:

At high or in the limited space, contact with power and ease-conductive material.

Other hazards include:

Materials out of your eyes or skin.

Being cut or pricked by sharp metal edges.

Slips, trips, falls.

So, some traumas by other devices ( such as using of power tools such as grinders, cutters, drills, etc.).

Being burned by hot surfaces, welding flame, or sparks splash, etc.

Fire caused by sparks splash, open flame or hot metal (in this case occurred when the surrounding atmosphere rich in oxygen, high temperatures combined, so easily ignite.) Fires can also occur by convolution, electrical equipment fire. Note that greasy clothes very flammable. In addition, sleeves or cuffs are folded or rolled up and can easily “catch” sparks splash and increase the risk of fire.

  • About psychology

Requirements and deadline for completion of the work as a welder vulnerable to pressure. In addition, some welders may be required to work shifts or overtime also greatly affect their health.


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