4 Steps To Choose Phono Cartridge For The First Time


Since the 1950s, listening to music on a record player has become very popular and until now many people feel very excited to enjoy the songs on this device. Surely, most of the people will think that it is very expensive to buy their best turntables. Actually, you are easy to buy it because the record player has a lot of different types as well as the prices. Moreover, you can visit the website the product sale program. There are a lot of choices for you and you can select on which it is suitable for your budget and your needs. In addition, according to some comments of those who bought the record player on this website, they said that the quality of these turntables is good if you use and care it properly.

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Beyond that, many users also advise that you must pay attention to choose some components of a turntable carefully. Selecting a cartridge to hold the stylus is extremely important. So you should know how to choose the phono cartridge for your record player. I will introduce 4 necessary steps to buy this component in this article.

Depend On Your Budget Too Much

To buy anything, money is an important factor which you must think firstly. It is the same with the record player which they have the plenty of price for the customer’s choice. It means that the phono cartridge also has many prices around thirty US dollars to near one hundred US dollars. With the high quality record player, the phono cartridge will have the higher price. Therefore, you should determine your budget before going to the shop to choose the phono cartridge for your turntable, right!

Buy The Right Phono Cartridge

As you know the cartridge places on the mount of the tonearm, normally the tone arm of the record player includes 4 types. And you must be careful to buy the right phono cartridge with the mount of your tonearm. You can refer 4 types as follows:

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  • With the first type, the mount of the tonearm is a half inch only. It is considered the most common type. It has a big and flat head and the cartridge will be placed in it. There are 2 screws to ensure the certainty for the cartridge.
  • In the second type, the P- mount will have in the low turntables. The cartridge will be plugged into the tonearm with a single screw.
  • With the third type, it includes two types above. In this case, you can apply P- mount cartridge or adjust the mount of tone arm which it is only a half inch.
  • The final type will be found on DJs record players. It has an integrated mounts which is used the proprietary cartridge.

Choose A Moving Magnet or A Moving Coil Cartridge

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In the modern phono cartridges, they will have magnetic. You also can understand that they include a magnet and a small metal coil. Of course, they will move in relation together to create an electrical signal.

  • A moving magnet cartridge is considered the most common design. At this time, the magnet will move and the coil will be fixed.
  • A moving coil magnet is designed in the expensive models. At this time, the coil will move and the magnet will be fixed. To apply this type, your record player must have the separate circuit.

Compare The Shape of The Stylus

The stylus is the needle and it will touch the vinyl record when playing. Most of the modern styli are made from diamond. However, they also have the several different shapes as well as many sizes. In general, there are some shapes of the stylus such as:

  • The spherical shape often offers the low sound quality. This is a selection in the stylus for the record players of DJs people.
  • Or the elliptical shape offers the greater area of contact with the grooves.

In conclusion, you need to know 4 basic steps to buying a phono cartridge for your record player which I just share in this writing. Besides, it is also very necessary to understand your turntable. Knowing all information relating to the turntable will help you buy its accessories easily. Your device can not only work well but also save your time too much. Especially, you are using a record player these tips will be very useful for you.

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